The Bunker Apartment can be used for many different purposes. Below we have listed a few that spring to our mind. If you have additional needs we are open minded people, so just let us know.

Long Weekend
Give you loved one a special and memorable experience in one of Europe's most exciting cities with a fantastic cultural scene, a vibrant night life and endless shopping possibilities. Arrive Friday afternoon and leave Sunday.

Business Executive
Maybe you come to Hamburg to work on a regular basis. Maybe its your first time here. Regardless you want something else than the usual design- or five star hotel. Arrive on Monday and leave at the end of week or when you are done with your work.

Sometime when you are presenting a new product or a new collection to your team or to potential costumers you need surroundings that give that extra touch and supporting experience. The Bunker Apartment is suitable for fashion, interior items, personal styling products, art, receptions etc.

Working on a project, a new strategy or a briefing to your team will benefit from an inspiring location like the Bunker, where you are able to work concentrated for a day or two. Or you might need a confidential place to interview candidates for that special job in your company.

The New Creative Location
With the long and big windows the Bunker Apartment offers a brilliant location for daylight photo-shoots of any kind. Fashion. Furniture. Decor items etc. The stylish Bulthaupt kitchen offers the possibility of exceptional food-styling or cooking sessions.  Below is a floor-plan of the apartment for you to get an idea of how to use the place.

Prices and fees
Please contact us for more information. + 41 (0) 79 55 14 910 or hello@bunkerhamburg.de

Bülowstrasse 20

DE-22763 Hamburg
+41 (0) 79 5514 910

How does the rental of the bunker work?

It is very simple.

After you have made your reservation we inform our local team that you are coming and the requirements you might have. In due time prior to your arrival, you will receive detailed information leaving nothing to chance.

For business or pleasure. Long- or short stay. A creative Location.
The Bunker Hamburg is meant to be a your home, a calm and luxurious place for you to stay while working in Hamburg for a shorter or longer period.  For a long weekend with your loved one or a new stylish and creative location for photo-shoots, presentations, sales meetings or minor events.

Bunker Hamburg

Raw & Sophisticated Penthouse Apartment


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12,5 meter

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