Reinventing the way you live when you are travelling;
Something completely different.

“The Bunker Apartment is something really extraordinary. It offers the international traveller a luxurious stay in a cool ambience . A stay in penthouse flat that overlooks Hamburg at a location close to the city centre but at the same time private and exclusive”.

Safe in the city.
Staying in the Bunker is a memorable experience !  Close by and yet withdrawn from the endless buzz of Hamburg. You can enjoy the vibe but have your private retreat after a busy day in the City or at work. With all the luxe you are used to in your own private home.Stay like home while you are on the road.

Bülowstrasse 20

DE-22763 Hamburg
+41 (0) 79 5514 910

Bunker Hamburg

Raw & Sophisticated Penthouse Apartment

The bunker in Bülowstrasse was built in 1939 as World War II began. The original purpose was to protect the women- and children hospital across the street, but in the last moment it was decided to use it as a part of the hospital. By a tunnel the Bunker was connected  to the hospital and during the war, the bunker served as the perfect shelter for new born babies and their mothers as well as offering calm operation theatres for the sick and wounded.

The “Flak-Kanon” was never mounted on the top of the bunker as intended, but instead a Red-Cross flag was painted to clearly mark the purpose of the building. As the Allied bombers repeatedly swept across, Hamburg leaving a devastated city behind, the Bunker and the hospital in Bülowstrasse was left intact to serve its purpose.

For many years after the war the Bunker was forgotten and left to its own fate, which happened to be two young local developers, who for some time had been searching for the perfect project. The renovation and re-invention of the Bunker began in 2013. Due to the nature of the building as well as it is under “Denkmals Schütz” (Protected by law), mend a slow and careful restoration process. Renovating and reusing the structure and then ad something new and contemporary interior design.


In the basement of the Bunker you’ll find the original diesel generator which has been restored. Not that it runs but you can see what i looked like during the war. The generator made electricity and on the walls the old switches and electrical instruments are still there.

Walking up the stairway you’ll notice the big rusty pipes coming out of the walls which we guess was used to transport steam for the heating of the Bunker during the cold winter months.