What is BunkerHamburg?
Your walk-in penthouse !

The BunkerHamburg is a luxurious apartment for one or two persons. It is fully equipped with everything you need and would expect in a high-end accommodation. With 1,5 meter solid concrete walls, floor and ceiling  you feel not only comfortable but also in a place that is part of World history.

Überhip Concrete Aesthetics
The Bunker Apartment is your safe nest when you  are working in Hamburg for a shorter or longer period of time. It is your home or your hide away for a long week-end.

In a period of 3 years from 2014 to 2017 the original Bunker has been rebuild and renovated to become a unique location close to the city centre of Hamburg. The build is a statement in itself baring witness of another time and a precise purpose of protecting people from what was happening around it.

In this case function dictated form meaning solid concrete and open spaces. We respect that and have left the raw walls as  they were made by the hand of workers in 1939. Big windows has been cut in the whole south- south and east facing walls letting in bright light and a wonderful view over the city.

The Bunker apartment offers the highest standard possible in terms of interior design and furniture. It is well conceived in every detail which not only brings joy and but also makes it easy to use. In other words; You will feel comfortable and at home from the moment you enter.

Design Evergreens vs
Solid Concrete

The apartments interior design consists among other things of the following items:

Arne Jacobsen Swan Chairs and lamps

Auping bed with handcrafted 100% organic linen over soft anti allergic duvets and pillows

Bang & Olufsen sound system with plug-and-play Bluetooth connection and Television

Bathroom in solid marble

Bespoke art work

Bulthaupt Kitchen with Siemens Studio Line

Bronze Vola  Showers and water regulators

Casina “Lady 720” chairs with Dedar fabric

Eames wooden sideboards


HAY Carpets and out-door furniture

High Speed WI-FI

Kiehls body, hair and skincare products

Lasvit lightning

Royal Copenhagen porcelain

Rubn Lightning

Saarinen table of solid marble

Skulptuna solid brass decor items

SIKA handmade wooden chair

Vitsoe shelving

Vitra Class Table

Vintage and bespoke items

Bülowstrasse 20

DE-22763 Hamburg
+41 (0) 79 5514 910


Bunker Hamburg

Raw & Sophisticated Penthouse Apartment