Who is behind the BunkerHamburg concept?

A designer and a marketeer.
Ruth Kramer. Swiss fashion designer and home decor advisor. Thomas Schacht. A Dane who used to run his own advertising agency, but as he was about to turn 50, decided to do something else in his life.

Hello. Welcome to the Bunker.
Thank you for visiting  the Bunker Hamburg website. It means a lot to us !

Here we are. 2 years in the making we proudly (and a bit nervously) introduce our new venture which we hope you will embrace and enjoy.

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Our first project; Brücke 49.

“We are in the hospitality business by coincidence but with all our love and passion. In 2010 we were offered an old house by the river Rhein in Vals, Switzerland. We took the chance  and turned it into a bespoke high alpine retreat”.

“During our work life we have traveled many corners of the Globe. Often when visiting places we liked, we  imagined how it could be to life there and do something different with our lives. In 2009 we sold everything we had and moved to Vals to start all over”.

“In our dreams we did not image it would be such a fantastic journey”

Ruth & Thomas.

This is how the Bunker apartment came about.

In 2009 we sold everything we had and moved from Denmark to Vals. A tiny village at the back-end of a valley in the high mountains of Switzerland. After long and rewarding careers we had decided to start all over again.  We rented the private house of Swiss architect Peter Zumthor situated on a plateau above the village. Back to “square one”. Ruth as freelance designer and Thomas as farmhand and “ski-bum” learning the local language and Swiss culture.

Life is about the people you meet, opportunities present themselves and events take you in different and better directions than you have imagined. In 2010 a Valser farmer and his 3 brothers sold us their family house and we made a long-time dream come true - A small bespoke pension where everything is made with heart and hand for guests arriving from every corner of the World.

Since then our work as design- and business development consultants have taken us to particularly Hamburg, as a practical and wonderful hub when working in Denmark or elsewhere in Europe. We felt so well in this vibrant city, that we decided to invest our last savings in a apartment if we were able to find “something unique”.

The old bunker in Bülowstrasse was exactly what we wanted. The location is brilliant. Only a few hundred meters from the Elbe. Close to Ottensen which we find have a quirky and creative mix of people, shops and art. Neighbour to Klein Flottbeck with its nice houses and calm parks. A short drive from the airport. 5 minutes from the A7 motorway and of course only a short bicycle ride from the city centre.

So here we are. Excited and happy presenting you our second venture. We hope you like it and look forward to welcoming you in the Bunker.

Bunker Hamburg

Raw & Sophisticated Penthouse Apartment